Catcams Clio 197 Fast road cams - 5504402
Catcams Clio 197 Fast road cams - 5504402
Catcams fast road cams for the Renault Clio 197.

Developing a cam profile for the Clio 197 F4R 830 engine is something of a challenge because the valve to piston clearance is minimal, limiting the extra amount of lift available to extract additional performance.

Designed using unique, in-house developed software, the end result of Cat Cams work is a pair of mild negative radius ‘Sport’ profiles manufactured from bespoke, hollow steel billets.

These ‘Sport’ profiles are a direct replacement for the original units as well as being compatible with the Renault factory hydraulic followers and variable valve timing system. Ideally suited to Clio 197 engines using a remapped ECU and inlet plenum, Cat Cam’s ‘Sport’ profiles retain decent idle quality and the driveability needed for fast road use.

Cat Cams has also incorporated an adjustable cam position sensor ring on the inlet camshaft, enabling easy timing adjustment without having to alter the cambelt position.

Independant testing has shown gains of 15bhp and 10lbft when combined with an ECU remap.

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